Marriage counseling service for the Deaf starts in Hyogo Prefecture

March 27, 2013
Oshima Tamako, 59, who works as a care helper in Kobe-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, set up a marriage counseling office called the "Deaf Cupid" at her house two years and a half ago.

Oshima's effort seems unique across the country as she is trying to support a Deaf/deaf person who has few chances to find a marriage partner.

Ohshima is pushing the back of people who cannot get into marriage, taking advantage of her own experience to bring up two Deaf children who are already married.

Ten men and two women have been registered with the counseling service, and Ohshima says that she needs more clients.

Arranged marriage for the clients was held 10 times or more so far. There is a case that a couple developed to close relations, but no couple has gotten married yet.

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