Event on America Sign Language and U.S. Deaf Community to be held in Tokyo

April, 2013

American Embassy will sponsor the meeting entitled "The United States society seen from American Sign Language (ASL) and a culture" on Friday, April 19, 2013, 18:30~21:00 at the American Embassy lodgings Daly Hall in Tokyo.

With the theme of "the American society and the culture seen from ASL", the participants will be provided an opportunity to learn social inclusion and the Deaf community in the U.S.

Languages: English, ASL, and Japanese Sign Language (sign-language interpreting provided)

Participants limited to 60 Japanese students up to 25 years old, including high school, college/university and graduate program

Participation fees: no charge

Tentative program:
1) A mini lecture on "ASL and American Deaf Community" given by a guest speaker Martin Dale-Hench of Michigan native in the U.S. He is born deaf and studied at Gallaudet University, D.C. with major in English literature.

2) Comparison of the Japan and the U.S. by the Deaf Japanese who had a studying-abroad experience.

3) Workshop in ASL

4) - U.S. studying-abroad mini consultation meeting by EducationUSA (only for those are interested)
- Exchange meeting with the participants and the lecturer (free leaving is possible)

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