Disaster information agreement on Deaf community exchanged for the first time in Mie Prefecture

April 13 2013

On April 12, the Ise-shi city office in Mie Prefecture signed an agreement with the Prefecture to provide the Prefecture Support Center for the Deaf with the information on the Deaf residents in the event of a disaster. This is a first of its kind in the nation.

In the event of a disaster, Ise-shi discloses to the Center, located in Tsu-shi, a copy of the registration list of those who require assistance which Ise-shi city office keeps.

Based on the information, the Center gives evacuation information, confirms the safety of the Deaf people, offers sign language interpreting services, etc.

Of the disability registration of Ise-shi, there is about 850 Deaf residents. On the other hand, the Center has only about 50 Deaf registrants in Tsu-shi.

This agreement will be possible to quickly support those who are not on the Center's registration list.

The center has just opened in Tsu-shi, Mie Prefecture on April 1, 2012.

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