Deaf woman becomes a teacher of the Deaf at her alma mater in Hokkaido

Tani Nanami started for her new assignment as a teacher of the Obihiro School for the Deaf in Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan.

April 10, 2013

In the current fiscal year starting in April, 2013, Tani Nanami (谷奈々美), a 23-year-old Obihiro resident, became a teacher, which was her dream from the time of high school.

She, who is born-Deaf, was accepted by the special program for the persons with disabilities by the Hokkaido Board of Education, and started for her new assignment to the Obihiro School for the Deaf, her alma mater in April.

Tani graduated from the Miyagi University of Education special support education teacher training course in Miyagi Prefecture this spring.

The Obihiro School has two Deaf teachers currently. The vice-principal says, "A Deaf teacher can understand students and plays a role model for them."

Tani is mainly going to teach the second and third graders in the elementary program. She brightened eyes, saying "I will carry out the lesson which each student enjoys learning certainly."

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