Deaf woman becomes principal of school for the Deaf in Tokyo

April 2013

According to the Meisei Gakuen School website in Japanese, Saito Michio (斉藤道雄), principal who is hearing and a journalist, was appointed to the chairperson of the board of trustees, starting this April.

Kaya Yoko (榧陽子), who is a Deaf female teacher and vice principal, was promoted to principal, too.

The Meisei Gakuen School, located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, is well known for the only school for the Deaf in Japan that uses Japanese Sign Language as the first language of the Deaf children for instruction.

Fifty-eight students are enrolled currently: 15 preschoolers, and 43 graders from 1st through 9th.

Thirty one teachers (full and part timers) and staff in total work for the school.

Official site in English:

Japanese source:

Kaya may be the first Deaf female principal throughout the Japanese Deaf history, although there are Deaf males who were principal until the WWII area.

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