Viscount Yamao bust presented to alumni association in Chiba Prefecture

Yamao Shin-ichi san and his wife make a speech.

The Yamao's grandson and his wife unveiling the bust.

The Bust Unveiling Ceremony

The Viscount Yamao Yozo Bust

March 5, 2013

Yamao Shin-ichi, honorary adviser of the Alumni Association of the School for the Deaf, University of Tsukuba in Chiba Prefecture, donated the bust of his grandfather, Viscount Yamao Yozo to the Association.

The bust unveiling ceremony took place at the School for the Deaf on Monday, March 4.

The school and the association invited Mr. and Mrs. Yamao Shin-ichi, and performed the unveiling ceremony of the bust, the sign language chorus of the school song by high school students, commemorative group pictures, presentation of a letter of thanks to the Yamaos, etc.

Viscount Yamao Yozo was born in Choshu Domain (the present Yamaguchi Prefecture) is well known as a person who left the footprint in Japanese history from the 1870s to the 1920s.

He went to Britain for study with his comrades, Ito Hirobumi, who would be a first prime minister later,  and Inoue Kaoru who would be future education minister and others, studied various engineering, and established the engineering school in 1863 which would be the faculty of technology, the University of Tokyo later.

He tackled also in education of the Deaf eagerly, and established a school for the blind and deaf called "Rakuzen-kai Kunmoain" (楽善会訓盲院) in Tokyo in 1880.

Viscount Yamao contributed to making the school under direct control of the Ministry of Education in 1885. It was changed to the Tokyo School for the Deaf-Mute in 1910, and again to the School for the Deaf, University of Tsukuba.

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