University students helps in translation of Deaf film on the 2011 Earthquake Disaster

"The Silent Earthquake Disaster of 3-11" (DVD)
February 13, 2013

Imamura Ayako san, a Deaf film maker who also teaches JSL at Nagoya Gakuin University, went there immediately after the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, 2011 and filmed focusing on the Deaf community in the stricken area.

She completed and showed the 23-minute documentary film in DVD titled "The Silent Earthquake Disaster of 3-11" in September, 2012.

The film is captioned in English, Korean, and Portuguese in addition to spoken Japanese not only for the Deaf community but also for those who do not understand Japanese. It was possible by cooperation in translation of the students and teachers of the University.

The film that shows how the Deaf community faced the devastating disaster and survived may be a useful disaster prevention material.

The story goes, mainly based on an experience of a Deaf woman Kikuchi Nobuko san who lives in Iwanuma-shi, Miyagi Prefecture. When an earthquake occurred, she took evacuation and was safe, because her neighbor told her in gesture about tsunami coming up. Tsunami came and washed her house away. If the neighbor did not tell her, both she and her husband would be swallowed up by tsunami and possibly died.

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"The Silent Earthquake Disaster of 3-11"

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