Signed performance contest held to promote deafn awareness in Mie Prefecture

The members of a theater group perform their original sign language play.

March 4, 2013

The Signed Play Contest to entertain the Deaf/deaf, sponsored by Chunichi Shimbun company, was held at Suzuka-shi, Mie Prefecture on March 3.

In order to enhance an understanding of sign language, the Prefecture Association of the Deaf held the event. Each theater group from Ise-shi, Yokkaichi-shi, and Matsusaka-shi, 100 actors and staff in all, performed their original play which delighted 300 visitors.

With the rule that a Deaf person and two or more hearing persons act together, each theater group showed their work for less than 20 minutes with the use of sign language, caption and speeches, and handmade sets were prepared as well.

The contest is held before or after the "day for of an ear" (the Deafness Awareness Day) on March 3 every year.

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