Newly published book on the origin of language written by Deaf person

 March 23, 2013

The watershed of man and an animal is language. A new book entitled "the Origin of Language seen from sign language" was recently published.

Takada Eiichi wrote the book, attempting to challenge a grand riddle:  Why, when, where and how did the human being who evolved from the original anthropoid gained a language?

Table of contents:
Part I: Sign language (the origin of Japanese sign language/the reproduction of sign language/ international language)
Part II: Origin of Language (Language Origin Theory/Birthplace of Human Beings/Cave Mural Painting/Egypt/Hieroglyph)  
Part III: Round-table Discussion on Dialog between Sign Language and Spoken Language

Author profile:
Takada Eiichi was born in Kyoto on February 5, 1937. He lost hearing at the age of eight and was transferred to the Kyoto Prefecture School for the Deaf from a hearing elementary school. After graduating from Ritsumeikan University with major in science and engineering in 1960, he was hired by Kyoto City until March, 1992 when he retired. He is currently president of the Kyoto Association of the Deaf and Speech Impaired, Inc. In  April, 2002 he became executive director of the National Sign Language and Training Center, Inc (NSLTC) and also the head of the Japanese research institute on Sign Language under NSLTC.

Japanese source:

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