Highest prize to application for the Deaf at business plan contest

Sarudate Ashita san wins the highest award for his work.
(photo: http://itpro.nikkeibp.co.jp/)
March 11, 2013

The "Mobile Creators Summit," a community of the creators aiming at development and expansion of a mobile application market, held the final convention of the Northeast Japan revival business plan contest on March 8, 2013. Mobile Creators Summit is .

Nine groups chosen from Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima Prefectures competed advertising a plan for the final presentation. As a result, the household-noises recognition application for Deaf/deaf persons called "Onsen" presented by Iwate Prefecture University won the highest award.

The application "Onsen" recognizes various household noises, such as a door chime, a fire alarm, etc. for a Deaf/deaf person. It was made by Sarudate Ashita san, a doctor-candidate student.

He said that the research on the speech recognition technology used as a core took nine years to be applied. The application for the computer is already developed and the Android version will be also released soon.

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