Deaf pharmacist lectures on communication issues in medical situation

A Deaf pharmacist, Shibata Masahiko san, gives a lecture in Hyogo Prefecture.

March 11, 2013

"The 21st Deaf Awareness Day Meeting" was held in Sanda-shi, Hyogo Prefecture on March 10. Shibata Masahiko san, a Deaf pharmacist, gave a lecture on the gap of feeling between the doctor and deaf patient in the medical spot, etc.

Shibata san, from a Deaf family, became a pharmacist after graduating Kobe Gakuin University with major in pharmacy. He currently works in the pharmacy in Osaka General Medical Center.

For a lecture entitled "The Deaf Patient and Medicine - In what way a Deaf pharmacist can be helpful," from his own experience, Shibata san emphasized that the doctor, the Deaf patient, and the sign language interpreter each ran short of understanding of a disability.

He explained that the Deaf patient tends to be poor at communication in writing, and that he often nods in assent even if he doesn't understand what is explained. "I want a doctor to learn sign language and also a sign language interpreter to use an intelligible expression, because only communication in writing is not enough for the Deaf."

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