Deaf Association holds event for more understanding of sign language in Hokkaido

The residents deepen an understanding to sign language by the experience program.

March 12, 2013

The 33rd meeting for the Muroran residents to understand sign language better, which the Hokkaido Prefecture Muroran Association of the Deaf, etc. sponsored, was held on March 10.

A total of 58 people including the local residents and Deaf persons participated, and promoted exchange themselves.

The program for an experience and learning sign language was provided with spoken Japanese, sign language, and caption projected on a screen. No sign-language interpreting was not provided then.

President Miyatake Midori of the association greeted and spoke in sign language, "Deaf people are easily misunderstood because of their appearance that looks like a hearing person. We hope as soon as possible sign language and sign-language interpreting can be used in all the scenes of a life."

In the experience program, the association director, Saito Michiko, told about the difficulties and inconvenient caused by the massive power blackout in November, last year.

She said that Deaf people were not able to get the power failure information because of communication difficulties with people in the neighborhood, so they went to the city office for help and information. "I want sign language to be used by many hearing people."

The participants made self-introduction in sign language just they learned, etc., and deepened an understanding.

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