Trial held in Osaka for Deaf man who insists innocent in drowning his new born baby

January 25, 2013

The first hearing of the incident carried out to the born-Deaf defendant, Abe Hiroyuki, 23, in the Osaka District Court on January 25. He has drowned his newborn baby into the bathtub to death, which he asserted innocence.

According to the indictment, the Deaf defendant strongly moved the one-month-old baby son to break a rib in November, 2010, and sank the baby into the hot water of a bathtub in December, leading to death.

Prosecutors insisted by opening statement, "In one or two seconds, it would not lead to an oxygen shortage by submersion, but the defendant had sunk the baby into the bath much longer."

On the other hand, the defense counsel retorted, "It was difficult in some way for the defendant who lacks social experience to take the right action in the unexpected situation because of being Deaf."

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