Swimmers to challenge the Guinness record

February 16, 2013

The junior chamber of commerce (JC) in Matsumoto city, Nagano Prefecture plans to hold a swimming event in the city in September, 2013, aiming at breaking the Guinness record of the relay that 1,000 people swim every 50 meters for setting the best time.

According to the Guinness world records company (London), the present Guinness record is "10 hours 24 minutes 38 seconds 19" which came out in the event achieved in Okayama Prefecture in September, 2012.

JC will ask swimming clubs, etc. in the prefecture for cooperation, and call Olympic Games medalists, "Deaflympics" swimmers, etc. for participation.
On the day when the swimming event is held, Guinness's authorization members will be present.

One of JC members said, "I will be glad if we have the future Olympic Games swimmers out of the prospective participants. Moreover, I would like to make the local community activated by attaining record in the city."

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