Menu made by Deaf child served as school lunch in Aichi Prefecture

Koyama Yuri san (second from right) enjoys part of the menu that was selected the best in the contest, with her classmates in Ichinomiya School for the Deaf.

January 26, 2013

A menu that the Deaf girl won the highest award in the cooking contest sponsored by the Aichi Prefecture Education Board served for lunch in the Ichinomiya School for the Deaf in Ichinomiya-shi in the prefecture, a part of central Japan, on January 25. All the children and students had a nutrition full of the menu abundantly using vegetables.

The menu was made by Koyama Yuri san, 11, one of the young students. The cooking contest was held in Nagoya in October, last year. There were 5,816 applications from the fifth and sixth graders. Ten students were selected, and cooked in the time limit of an hour. As a result, Koyama san was chosen the best.

The dietitian of the Ichinomiya School who cooked part of the menu approved by saying, "This has many vegetables and nutritional balance is considered well." The menu was served for lunch to 112 children and students from pre-school to high school.

Koyama san has got interested in food because she has a food allergy - she cannot eat a fresh egg.

Koyama san, who had lunch with her own menu with her classmates, said with a smile, "I was glad that they said the menu was delicious."

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