Former teacher of Deaf children manage the "child-rearing salon" for the Deaf community

The children communicate with the staff in sign language.

January 24, 2013

The "child-rearing salon," a place to offer the opportunity to Deaf/deaf preschoolers and their parents to meet and communicate with each other,  is opened once a month in the Hiratsuka-shi welfare hall in Kanagawa Prefecture next to Tokyo.

Noma Shin san, 46, a former teacher of Deaf children who manages the salon, explains, "There are few places where the Deaf/deaf children meet other peers." He opened the salon with nine volunteers, such as teachers, friends, housewives, and students, in November, last year.

The salon also aims to develop an environment for  language acquisition in the Deaf infants. "We are trying to get interested in two languages, sign language and Japanese, here other than a home."

The woman who visited the salon with her three children from Yokohama, said, "the child-rearing salon is opened at various places, however there are few for the Deaf community. I am glad that the Deaf parents have a place where they can share experience in bringing up a child."

The child-rearing salon is held in the morning on the 3rd Saturdays in principle at the hall. The volunteers or  staff members are also looked for.

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