Deaf students participate in the disaster drill with local community

 January 25, 2013

The disaster drill against a large-scale earthquake was conducted in the Hyogo Prefecture Kobe School for the Deaf located in Kobe-shi on January 24.

Although the drill is arranged every year, about 300 local residents also participated for the first time this year, and shared the drill experience prepared for the disaster.

If one understands what deafness means at some degree, it is possible for the Deaf student to help elderly people's refuge or to get involved in activity at a shelter.

The Deaf children put on the bandanna printed "I am Deaf" or "I can sign," and joined the drill.

To make the students get the power of seeing and judging the circumference, in the drill some entrances were blocked inside, without telling the high school and junior high school students, which the drill was made close to the real situation in an emergency.

After the drill the local residents and Deaf students attended the workshop in the gymnasium and discussed about the emergency supplies, etc. to prepare better.

A high school senior aged 17 said, "Since the communication itself is not easy when Deaf persons are in dark, there was opinion that they should prepare a flashlight came out. It was a good opportunity for me to think about disaster prevention."

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