Deaf residents enjoy cycling with a "tandem bicycle" in Miyazaki Prefecture

February 18, 2013

A two-person-riding "tandem bicycle" was accepted to run on the public road in Miyazaki Prefecture in November, 2012, which was the first time in Kyushu, Japan's southern island. 

The test-ride event of the "tandem bicycle" for residents who are visual impairment or Deaf/deaf was held in Saito-shi in the prefecture on February 17.

A total of ten men and women enjoyed the invigorating run with the guide helper as their pair who handled operation on a front seat.

One of the Deaf women who participated in the event said satisfactorily, "Since we cannot sign during cycling, communication is difficult for us, but with two persons on the bicycle, we ride easily on a slope. The scene was good and the wind was pleasant, too."

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