Deaf organizations request governor to establish "sign-language ordinance" towards "sign language law"

January 29, 2013

The Japanese Federation of the Deaf has aimed at the establishment of the sign language ordinance for more social recognition of sign language.

The JFD and one of its members, the Tottori Prefecture Association of the Deaf, visited Tottori Governor Hirai Shinji on January 28, and requested that the ordinance on sign language should be enacted in the prefecture.

The Disabled Persons' Fundamental Law which was revised in 2011 states clearly that "Sign language is included in language."

In order to employ the legal revision in the Deaf's actual life efficiently, JFD has complained to the government that it is necessary to develop a sign language law.

With the legal development, it is expected that the society will be accessible for a Deaf/deaf person to live: for instance, the school for the Deaf introduces sign language in the classroom which was forbidden until recently,  sign-language interpreting will be required for extraordinary broadcast of television, etc.

Tottori Prefecture has written clearly in "the future vision of Tottori Prefecture" in 2008 that "Sign language forms one culture as language not only as a communication means." 

The prefecture also has tackled positively movement which deepens an understanding of persons with disabilities, the movement of which has spread in other prefectures.

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