Aomori Prefecture School for the Deaf wins top place in national music contest

Deaf students demonstrate the drum performance.

February 14, 2013

In the Aomori Prefectural Hachinohe School for the Deaf located in north of Japan's mainland Japanese drumming has been introduced in the music class since about eight years.

Regardless of the degree and on-set-age of hearing loss, all the twenty children from elementary through junior high school practice the Japanese drum performance.

In the 24th National Music Concert Contest for the Deaf Students, sponsored by the Association of Educational Welfare for the Deaf, the Hachinohe School shone with the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology prize.

This is the highest prize which the Deaf students won after three-time challenges, and as a result of passing along two recording and video examinations.

More than 20 schools for the Deaf in the whole country participated in the contest.

On February 14, the children demonstrated the drum performance dignifiedly in front of the association president, Santo Akiko san, who visited the Hachinoe School for commendation. Big applause was given from the local residents and parents who gathered.

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