Non-profit organization supports employment of people with disabilities

Morita-san (center), a Deaf staff, says, "I will greet to visitors with a smile."

December 30, 2012

The non-profit organization (NPO) named "The Light Square" in Yonago-shi, Tottori Prefecture which has worked to promote employment for people with disabilities will open its second cafe "O'tyano" with a small gallery in the city because of the popularity on January16, 2013.

The new cafe will be managed by the NPO staff and workers with disabilities who follow each other, aiming at creating a shop full of smiles, as well as the first one in the same city.

Morita Tsugue (59), a Deaf staff, will be in charge of making a lunch set (only 10 sets, ¥ 500 each), curry rice, and sweets set.

When she started working for the NPO five years ago, she was confused in communication with the coworkers. Now she smiles and is so kind that everyone likes her.

Morita-san says, "I will try to do my best to lipread what our visitor says as we want many people come over here." Other hearing staff helps her with the telephone, etc.

NPO chairman said, "We aim to get people with or without disabilities visit our cafe with a smile."

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