Emergency seal produced for Deaf/deaf person which shines in a dark place for 10 hours

The emergency seal that shines in a dark place for 10 hours
(photo: http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/)

January 18, 2013

The Non-profit Organization "The Better  Communication Study Society" located in Nakano-ku, Tokyo is tackling information barrier-free for the Deaf/deaf person who are easily misunderstood for a hearing person from appearance. It developed the seal which emits light in a dark place for 10 hours to show that the user is Deaf/deaf.

This development came from the experiences with the 1955 Great Hanshin Earthquake and the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, which the society aims at spreading to save as many Deaf/deaf people as possible.

President Nakazono Hideki san (64), who lost hearing at the age of 3, is worried saying,
"It was reported that the mortality rate of Deaf/deaf victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake was more twice than that of hearing ones. Probably because television broadcasting stopped suddenly by the power failure, the Deaf/deaf were unable to get the emergency information on tsunami arrival."

The card-sized emergency seal (500 yen per sheet) gets charged with the sun light or a fluorescent light for 20 minutes in order to shine blue for 10 hours. It may be the first one that shines longer than any one else.

Also it has messages on it, "I am Deaf/deaf. Please tell me what is going on in sign language or writing."

An inquiry can be made through e-mail (only Japanese): equal@bcs33.com.

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