Deaf/Hard of hearing students join local meeting in Okinawa

January 6, 2013

The meeting to deepen a friendship among deaf/hard of hearing students was held for the first time in Okinawa Prefecture on January 5 at the University of Okinawa located in Naha-shi. 

For the purpose of preventing the isolation of deaf/hard of hearing students attending hearing colleges/universities across Japan, each chapter of the National Deaf Students Council has been active. 

This time the secretariat of NDSC held the event to assist the Okinawa chapter which has been inactive due to lack of memberships.

About 30 people including hearing people participated, and discussed candidly the common concerns and challenges. 

In the meeting, the students related their experience with how to get accessibility to spoken information in the hearing dominant environment, by using meaningful tools such as note taking, etc.

Through the discussion, the participants reaffirmed the significance of sharing information. They will continue expanding the circle of exchange by restarting the Okinawa chapter's work.

One of the participants said, "Everyone looked happy. It was a good meeting for us here in Okinawa. We hope our local chapter will restart and continue work."

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