Deaf students to compete at the robot contest in Hiroshima Prefecture

The Deaf students make the final adjustment towards the robot contest.

January 13, 2013

Three Deaf junior high school students who attend the Onomichi special support school (Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture) will participate in the "9th junior high school rescue robot contest" which will be held in Hiroshima-shi in the prefecture in western Japan on January 13.

Sixteen teams from 11 prefecture schools will join the contest, and one of these schools is the only one for students with disabilities that is the Onomich special support school.

The Deaf students are striving for practice, saying "We would like to do our best so that there may be no regret."

The participating teams compete for time until their robot rescues the doll in a game stand (1.8 meters long, 1.35 meters wide), avoiding an obstacle in 5 minutes.

The Deaf students are practicing weekly with their part-time teacher from November, 2012 with their two robots (each 40cm long, the side of 20cm, and 5cm in height) made from a plastic, which are operated by a cable controller.

Onomichi School has participated in the contest since 2011 and this will be the third time this year.

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