Deaf high school students enjoying meeting with residents in Okinawa Prefecture

The high school students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central School for the Deaf dance with sign language, taking a rhythm.

January 20, 2013

Fourteen juniors of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central School for the Deaf visited Okinawa Prefecture, the southern island of Japan, as a school trip and had a good time with the local residents, including the members of the sign language cafe "Bundles," in the public hall at Kitanakagusuku-mura on January 16.

Since high school students from the school visited the sign language cafe "Bundles" for the first time in 2012, the friendship exchange has continued until now.

When The band called the "Kentomi Family," consisted of persons with disabilities who promote musical activities started playing, the students went up to the stage eagerly, performed the sign language dance, taking the rhythm, and enjoying themselves with the local participants.

The students arrived in Okinawa on January 15 and traveled southern part old battlefields, such as Himeyuri Monument, etc.

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