Deaf boy's dream drawn on poster for exhibition in Fukushima

December 23, 2012

The exhibition called "Colorful Balloons with Hope" was opened in Iwaki-shi, Fukushima Prefecture on December 22, 2012, sponsored by Mainich Shimbun and Shiseido. Cecil Kishimoto, a model, visited it and gave a gift or balloons to the children who attended, and was taken a picture with them.

Many posters painted by elementary school children of their dream or hope were exhibited. Cecil commented, "I was impressed by the thought that was put to work." 

One of those posters was drawn by a Deaf boy, Yamaji Hikaru (9), an elementary school boy of Fukushima Branch School for the Deaf under the Prefecture School for the Deaf. His dream was: "In clothes with full of stars, I want to go to a lot of countries."

His father, Ikki (43) was glad about it, saying "It was a wonderful Christmas present for us," taking a picture of the poster. 

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