Court declines sign-language interpreting at public expenditure

January 10, 2013

Ikegawa Yoko san, a Deaf woman aged 41 from Takamatsu-shi, sued the Takamatsu city office in Kagawa Prefecture which did not accept her suburban dispatch application of sign-language interpreting in 2012.

Advance deliberations of the lawsuit was held in the Takamatsu District Court on January 9, 2013.

It was decided formally that the district court will not be accepted sign language interpreting at public expenditure in the trial for which defense counsel has asked. It considered the note taking service for the Deaf to hear in the court without public expense, too.

The public expenditure of such a service arrangement was not accepted as "impossible by the current law." The concerned groups will meet and discuss again for more details in April, 2013.

Ikegawa san says, "I regret that public expenditure was not able to be accepted, but I feel we could get an understanding from the court which also showed progress. I hope that any trial should just be participated easily for a person with disability."

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