Community meeting on disability held in Okinawa Prefecture

Higa Takeshi san (left), one of the panelists, appeals that a mutual understanding is important for coexistent society realization.

January 17, 2013

The town meeting was opened in Nago-shi, Okinawa Prefecture in the southern island of Japan on January 15. It was co-sponsored by "the Community Congress to promote society that people with and without disability live together" and the Okinawa Prefecture.
Congress board members and the local participants exchanged opinions towards ordinance establishment aiming at a disabled person's right protection promotion. It was pointed that all the people in the prefecture should start to understand each other about the development of society in which people with and without disabilities live together.

Three persons with disabilities acted a panelist, and one of them was Higa Takeshi, who is Deaf, a Congress board member and Director of the Okinawa Prefecture Association.

He said, "Because the Deaf have limited means to get information and to convey what to think to others, without right understanding, there is no mutual help. True support cannot be achieved only by consideration." He also insisted, "There are so many issues including a volunteer's training, etc. that we must make a good ordinance with our every effort."

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