Coming-of-age ceremony for persons with disabilities held in Kumamoto Prefecture

Young persons with disabilities are photographed for commemoration after the ceremony.

January 15, 2013

The coming-of-age ceremony was held all over the country on January 13 - 14, 2013.

The coming-of-age ceremony for people with disabilities was held in the Kumamoto-shi health care service welfare center in Kumamoto Prefecture on January 14, and 67 persons were present.
Sumiyoshi Shota san, 23, a training assistant in the Kumamoto Prefecture School for the Deaf, made a speech in sign language representing their seniors, "When you come out to society, you will need to explain your disability before you get help. Please show how much you are grateful to people around you."

Representing the participants, a young hearing man said about a resolution, "I would like to tell my parents how much I am thankful for loving me since I was born. We will live with the awareness as an adult."

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