Booklet on evacuation ways at the time of the disaster for the Deaf completed

The manual explains the ways of evacuation at the time of the disaster for the Deaf and hard of hearing.

January 10, 2013

The interested organizations of Kure-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture in western Japan produced the manual which describes how a Deaf/deaf person and a supporter should cope with emergency disaster time.

The booklet will be directly distributed to a person with disability soon as well as it will be placed in a public facility, etc.

The colorfully printed booklet, A4-size and 16 pages, has two kinds, one for a person with disability, and another for the welfare commissioner supporters.

The booklet for disability advises how to evacuate successfully: for example, at the time of disaster a person with disability should go to "the place specified with neighboring people in a group." Meanwhile for the the supporters, it is stressed that they are expected to know the communication and information method for the Deaf/deaf, etc.

The evacuation method of the Deaf/deaf person who do not depend on spoken information when the Great Earthquake hit the communities in eastern Japan in March, 2011 surfaced as one of the serious problems. According to the city, the number of Deaf/deaf persons in the city is about 930.

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