Tournament for world championship of mixed martial-arts lightweight division held in Osaka

December 2012

The lightweight division world tournament by the Deaf Mixed Marital Arts Championship (DMC) was held in Osaka on December 1, 2012, with 390 spectators in total.

It was the first world mixed-martial-arts convention for the Deaf fighters, with one match game and three cards.

For the event, eight Deaf Japanese and six Deaf foreigners (Italy, Brazil, Turk, and Finland) were chosen from among over 80 fighters enlisted from around the world.

Demiritas (mis), the president of the Turkish Deaf Sports Federation and chair of the 2017 Deaflympics organizing committee, visited Japan and observed the event. He has reportedly said if marital arts could also be officially added to the Deaflympic event at the time of this DMC convention.

As for the lightweight division world tournament preliminary game, seven games were held. The Japanese fighters brought a result of a complete defeat against the foreign fighters, except Kairi Yamamoto who is the only Japanese fighter. He will challenge the semifinal of the lightweight division world tournament. (for the tournament result, see the DMC official site:

A lightweight division world tournament semifinal convention will be held in Nagoya on March 24, 2013.

Japanese original blog:

Photos of the first world championship are found on the DMC official site (Japanese):

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