Study meeting on nuclear power plant by sign language and picture story show

October 22, 2012

The event for the Deaf persons to learn about the Tomari nuclear power plant in Hokkaido Prefecture, the present condition of the first nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima Prefecture, etc. was held  in Yoichi-cho, Hokkaido in the northern island of Japan on October 21. About 50 persons participated from Hakodate, Muroran, etc. in the prefecture.

There are very few opportunities for a Deaf person to acquire the information about a nuclear power plant in an intelligible form. The Hokkaido Federation of the Deaf South Hokkaido Block committee planned the event as part of management workshop.

President Saito Takeichi-san (59) of the Iwauchi nuclear power plant problem study group in the prefecture explained using the picture story show, which was interpreted in sign language.

Saito-san explained the location circumstances of the Tomari nuclear power plant and the structure of power generation, and emphasized construction of the nuclear power plant or subsequent ones even if a town invites a nuclear power plant to be built, it is "difficult" to reorganize the town as the population of Iwanai has decreased sharply.

Moreover, he mentioned that the first nuclear power plant of Fukushima still remains in a critical situation, and that it has been found that inflammation has occurred in the thyroid gland of the children who live in Fukushima.

One of the participants aged 58 commented, "It was very easy to understand the current situation of the children in Fukushima with the picture story show. I want to study more in order to judge the pros and cons of a nuclear power plant."

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