Sign language variety show to be performed in Kumamoto Prefecture

December 6, 2012

A show for rakugo or comic storytelling in sign language will be held in Kumamoto Prefecture on December 6.

As the professional comic storytellers will sign while telling a comic story, the audience, both Deaf and hearing, will certainly enjoy the program together.

According to the Japanese Signed Comic Storytelling Association located in Osaka which sponsors the event, Katsura Fukudanji (72), one of the professional storytellers who appear for the show, had undergone an operation on vocal cords in 1977. He thought of using the sign language to tell a comic story at the time while he was not able to utter any word. He has striven for spread focusing on classical rakugo (comic storytelling).

A Deaf comic storyteller, Uchutei Shonin (70) also will perform. He began the signed comic story, after retiring from a teaching position of an Osaka school for the Deaf. He does not do utterance, only in sign language, so when he does, another comic storyteller who sits on the seat will "interpret simultaneously" for the hearing audience.

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