People with disabilities invited to "Kobe Luminarie" in Hyogo Prefecture

The invited guests enjoy the illuminations work turned on at the "Heartful Day" event. (photo:

  December 4, 2012

The light festival "Kobe Luminarie" to remember those who fell victim by the Great Hanshin Earthquake that hit the Kobe City area in 1995 was held on December 6.

The event called the "Heartful Day" which people with disabilities were invited turned on specially for them in the city on December 4 prior to the "Kobe Luminarie" event.

When lit up in the "East Amusement Park" at 6:30 p.m., the audience was wrapped in applause and a smiling face.

The visionary world of the illuminations which shine with a wintry sky charmed the invited guests.

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