Open lessons demonstrated at school for the Deaf in Saga Prefecture

October 28, 2012

The Prefecture School for the Deaf in Saga City, Saga Prefecture in the southern island of Japan opened the lessons to the public on October 27.

It was impressed that by not only sign language but spoken language, or writing, the teacher checked how well the students understood while teaching.

Local residents and guardians observed the classes in order to deepen an understanding of deaf education.

Twenty eight students aged 5-18 are taught individually at the school.

In the lesson of the Japanese language, the teacher used a visual cue such as he used a projector to show a question, or had the student use a Japanese dictionary to find some information, etc. Moreover, the teacher made the student write a Japanese sentence to see whether he understood by sign language.

There was not only subjects, such as English and the world history, but a lesson of clothing manufacture. The students were making clothes eagerly for the fashion show  at a school cultural festival scheduled on November 18.

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