National sign language training center awarded the Prime Minister commendation

December 6, 2012

The recipients were announced for the 11th Barrier-free Universal Design Promotion Commendation, sponsored by the Cabinet Office on December 5, which recognized their rendering and distinguished service in 2012.

Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. for the digital talking book reading machine called "PLEXTALK" project for visually impaired persons, and the National Sign Language Training Center, a social welfare corporation, for sign-language interpreting training and a disability welfare service were awarded the Prime Minister commendation, respectively.

The Barrier-free Universal Design Promotion Commendation was established in in 2002 in order to commend a company, an organization, etc. which contributed to the development spread of universal design products or services easy-to-use to all people including the barrier-free products which specialized in a a person with disability, elder people, a pregnant woman, a child, etc.

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