Fourth graders learn how to make lanyard for New Year days

The children bundle straw while learning from elderly people.  (photo:

December 12, 2012

About 100 fourth graders of the Kanda elementary school and the Nogata School of the Deaf, both located in Nogata-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture, a part of the southern island of Japan, made the lanyard with which a house is decorated in the New Year, on December 11.

They tackled to the work which knits hard straw, eagerly learning from local elderly people.

The elderly volunteer group based in the city central community center is opening the lanyard class at several elementary schools since about ten years ago.

It was so difficult to press down and knit the bunch of straw in a sole or a knee that some children said, "straw is likely to be torn easily to pieces by twisting."
Yet some children completed three lanyards about 15 cm in diameter in about one hour.

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