Exhibition to honor the birth centennial anniversary of silent artist in Tokyo

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Matsumoto's art works exhibited at Setagaya Art Museum in Tokyo
(photo: http://www.setagayaartmuseum.or.jp)
December 9, 2012

In celebrating a painter Matsumoto Shunsuke's (1912-1948) 100th anniversary since his birth this year, his art works are exhibited in Setagaya Art Museum in Tokyo on November 23, 2012 - January 14, 2013.

Matsumoto Shunsuke (real name: Sato Shunsuke) was born in 1912 in Tokyo and spent boyhood in Iwate Prefecture, a part of northeastern Japan. He aspired to be a painter after losing hearing at the age of 13 due to sickness.

Although the military authorities ordered all the painters to "take a brush and draw a battle picture as a national policy," in 1941 prior to the Pacific War, only one artist objected. He was a then 29-year-old youth, Matsumoto, and declared: "The painter can draw only the picture from his own heart."

Matsumoto who escaped the draft because of deafness merely walked along the building and street corner in Tokyo or Yokohama and sketched silently, while most painters strove for the battle picture during war.

The midst of the air raid he yet continued the sketch, saying "I will keep my work until I am blown away with a bomb." His landscapes during the wartime which show quietness in the beauty though these sank darkly, which became masterpieces representing the early Showa period (1926-1988).

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