Event held to discuss educational environment for hard of hearing children

(photo: http://news.kanaloco.jp/)

 October 2, 2012

The second event to discuss a hard of hearing (HoH) child's educational environment was opened in the Kawasaki Municipal School for the Deaf in Kanagawa Prefecture on September 30, 2012.

The group of parents with HoH children, and the guardians of the school took the lead and planned the event, in which the HoH children and their parents and alumni members participated.

In Kawasaki, the system which introduces a "hearing loss class" for every nearby elementary and junior high schools is adopted.

However, there are not few cases where HoH children and their guardians tend to be isolated and are in pain because the system causes an class with only one student in many cases.

At the meeting, a panel discussion was held and five panelists debated. Most of them suggested that it would be important to provide a place for the children and their family to gather so that they might not get isolated.


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