Decorated hearing aid popular among users

Beautifully decorated hearing aid

December 6, 2012

The specialty store for hearing-aid sale named The "Aichi Hearing Aid Center" located in  Okazaki-shi, Aichi Prefecture has started the service which decorates the main part of a hearing-aid with a flower pattern, colorful beads, etc.

Since it can be done like accessories, it is gaining the popularity of the Deaf/hard of hearing persons who feels resistance in the use of a hearing-aid.

"I wanted to make the hearing-aid shown smartly rather than to have hidden." Store Manager Amano Shinsuke-san of the said store which began service in June, last year talks.

The said store keeps a hearing-aid for about one week in response to an order of its owner, and places the order with a nail salon.

The customer can order designs, such as a flower pattern, an animal, etc. Thirty or more in their 4-80's, mainly female, already use the service.

Store Manager Amano-san says, "We will make a hearing-aid accepted as a part of fashion like glasses in the future."

A charge varies with the area of a hearing aid which designs for decoration; 1000 - 3000 yen (except shipment fees).

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