Deaf customers unhappy without menu in McDonald's

October 25, 2012

McDonald's has removed the menu which was usually placed on the check-out counter at stores all over the country from October 1.

Deaf customers are dissatisfied with their policy. They complain:

"It is hard to order what I want without the menu."

"I have no time for writing. Without menu on the check-out counter, Deaf people won't go to a Mac any longer."

"I had ordered by pointing until now. If the hand menu of a Mac is not provided, it will surely become impossible for the Deaf customer to place an order. What should I do?"

On the other hand, a McDonald's staff said, "Some Deaf persons pointed on his cellular phone which displayed the name and number of the goods when to order." Other says, "Since there is a menu placed also on the table, a Deaf person can tell the waiter by a gesture or writing."

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