"Communication Tool" used for Lower House election in Tokyo

The "Communication Tool" which Tokyo Public Offices Election Commission made for the Deaf voters.
(photo: http://www.47news.jp/)
Dec. 14, 2012

Tokyo Public Offices Election Commission set the "Communication Tool" used for the Lower House election scheduled on December 16 in the polling places of most metropolitan area with 62 cities, wards, towns, and villages.

The tool is used in responding to a question or an inquiry from the Deaf/hard of hearing so that they can cast their vote smoothly.

This tool is already used before the voting day for those who were unable to vote on the day. Commission officials say that it is popular.

They have communicated with the Deaf/hard of hearing in writing, etc., and introduced the tool after taking in the Tokyo Federation of the Deaf's opinion to improve vote environment for the Deaf/hard of hearing.

The tool has two kinds: one is made from plastic A4 size, and another A3 size poster for a notice.

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