Wife of Alaska governor visits Japanese Federation of Deaf office

Sandy Parnell (3rd from the right) greets in the Japanese Federation of Deaf office.
(photo: http://www.jfd.or.jp/) 

October 1, 2012

On September 27, Thursday, 2012, Sandy Parnell, the wife of the Alaska Governor Sean Parnell came to the Japanese Federation of Deaf office in Tokyo.

She studied sign language in the sign language course at the university in the US, been interested in the support service to the Deaf disaster victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. She accompanied the governor who visited Japan.

Director Hisamatsu explained the situation of the Deaf victims unable to get vital information when the Earthquake hit the areas, the support services by the Federation and its local organizations, measures, such as development of the manuals on the safety check, the dispatch adjustment of a sign language interpreter, etc.

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