Deaf yachtsman challenging the sailboat

Kitahara-san (right) operates a sail skillfully during the race in the Inage Yacht Harbor in Chiba City on September 15.

October 2, 2012

Kitahara Toshiyuki-san (45), a Deaf office worker, participated in the "Autumn Regatta Yacht Race" (play by two-persons) for the first time in Chiba-shi, Chiba Prefecture on September 15.

With his fellow, Saito Takeshi-san (65) who is the Chiba Prefecture Sailing League vice president as a steersman, Kitahara-san (Mr. Kitahara) ran 1 km twice. His team finished at the 9th place out of the 24 teams.

Kitahara-san who lost hearing at the age of five said, "although it was bad weather, we have run the whole distance somehow. I was glad that I was able to step forward to take at last".

He, who attended the School for the Deaf in Tateyama-shi, Chiba Prefecture, found a job at the sporting-goods maker after the graduation from a vocational school for design.

He acquired the paramedic's certificate and was concerned with the sea through acting as a Life Saver.

Kitahara-san began to strive for muscle training or swimming during the break time of work and holidays, passed the skill test of the Japan Sailing Federation by first taking an examination, and then he got the qualifications for entry to the domestic formal race for the first time as a Deaf person in July.

He participated in the race using the sailboat which belongs to the Inage Yacht Harbor and made it.

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