Deaf student to compete at nail art event in national convention

October 1, 2012

A high school senior Hirata Miyu-san (17), who majors in hairdressing at the Kagoshima School for the Deaf in Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture in the southern island of Japan (Kyushu) won the first prize in the hairdressing section and the nail art competition at the National Hairdressing Cosmetics Students Technical Convention-Kyushu Area Convention held in Fukuoka in August.

She will join the said section as the first student from the school at the National Convention which will be held in Chiba Prefecture in November.

Hirata-san who became interested in nail painting when she was a grader joined  the free nail art at the school cultural festival when she was a high school freshman.

Although she had a hard time to communicate with the customers, she tried to understand what they wanted through her hearing-aid and the motion of a mouth, etc. Even she proposed a nail art design suitable for a dress or a color, which made the customer happy. It was when she started dreaming of a nailist.

In addition to the lesson at the school, she continued studying a magazine and the Internet also. Prior to the Kyushu Area convention, she went school frequently almost every day to practice hard during the summer vacation. She got her mother to cooperate at home in order that she could improve the nail art technique.

Hirata-san said, "My dream is to becoming a nailist. I will try harder for better work than the Kyushu Area convention." 

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