Calling for installation of vending machines for Deaf support

The original vending machine installed by the Deaf association in Hyogo Prefecture.

October 22, 2012
The Hyogo Association of the Deaf ties up with a famous beverage manufacturer, being undertaking "supported type beverage vending machine installation to spread projects" which can contribute a part of proceeds for the association. 

The vending machine has been installed in three places in Hyogo Prefecture. 

This project is not only to offer a drink, but also to allot a part of proceeds from the vending machine as "the collection box" for spread of deaf awareness and sign language,   

Since a beverage manufacturer's company name does not go into the design of the vending machine, the association is allowed to install it with an original design and the message which appeals for an understanding and support of deaf awareness and sign language to many those who consider to install a vending machine or who buy a drink. 

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