Association to support education of the deaf and blind in Hakodate commended

 October 17, 2012

The "Hakodate association to support education of the deaf and blind" in Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido was chosen for the special-support-education section of the 43rd Hakuho Award, is presented to the educational group and individuals who contributed to enhancement of rich humanity.

The association saw establishment of 100 years this year, having supported management of the schools for the deaf and blind in the area by the local group for years, which was highly evaluated.

The association was formed by 44 residents in 1912 in order to support the "Hakodate Institute for the Blind and Deaf-Mute," a private school troubled by financial difficulties at that time.

The association shared funds for the student's school expense subsidies, or a substantial facility, and continued supporting education of the children with disabilities. Helen Keller (1880-1968) visited the school in 1937 and admired the charitable work of the association.

Although the school was put under the control of the Hokkaido Prefecture Office and was divided into the Hakodate School for the Blind, and the Hakodate School for the Deaf after the war in 1945, the association with 390 members has continued the effort.

The Hakuho Education Development Association in Tokyo which Hakuhodo, the advertising agency, established as a foundation in 1970, has five sections, such as Japanese language education, etc. besides special support education. It chooses 20 organizations and individuals every year for the Hakuho Award.

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