Work experience program for Deaf students in Osaka Prefecture

NIshida Nao-san (right) learns how to hold a tray as a part of the work experience program at the wedding hall in Osaka.

September 24, 2012

The Junior High School In the Osaka Municipal School for the Deaf in Osaka Prefecture has provided a training program for its students by obtaining cooperation of a bookstore, a convenience store, etc. since about ten years ago.

Although sign language is used at the school, the students learn how to work or meet with people who do not know sign language through the work experience program.

Nishida Nao-san (13) had the training program in the cafe of the wedding hall "PAL Houensaka" near the school using the summer vacation in August. She who uses a hearing-aid can communicate by motion of the mouth and the voice which can be heard slightly.

"Although I was afraid whether I could take communication, as people around me talked slowly and in loud voice, I was able to do well happily," said Nishida-san, "Even if I am Deaf, I know I can do well."

President Nomura Eiji-san (50) of the PAL Houensaka said, "It will be a good stimulus for our employees who work with a Deaf person. We hope to be helpful in philanthropy."

Uehara Akane-sensei  (37), one of the teachers responsible for guidance counseling, said that they hope that the students have a positive image in working with hearing people through the program."

Although the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology does not require the work experience program in the special support schools, it started around in 2000 all over the country as part of integrated study, and it is reportedly carried out widely now.

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