Training for policemen stationed in a police box through sign-language interpreting in Hokkaido

September 5, 2012

There was training through a sign language interpreter to meet the daily needs of a Deaf person, etc. at the Sapporo Station north entrance police box in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Takahashi Yumiko-san (57), a Deaf woman , visited the police box with the interpreter. She works for the planning office and is a sign language lecturer in Sapporo City in the prefecture.

By assumption that she lost the wallet at the airport, Takahashi-san explained to the policeman about how she lost it, etc., and then answered the questions from the policeman in sign language.

One of the policemen who participated said, "I thought that it was difficult to tell something to check by sign language. I would prefer written communication for an actual case, but I will try to ask more details to make the Deaf visitor feel comfortable."

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