Kyoto Prefecture School alumni association opens a print exhibition

September 13, 2012

The work show of the "Kyoto 100 Views," which continued work by the print and printing technique which the high school students of the Kyoto Prefecture School for the Deaf located in Kyoto City once called a silk screen, is held in the National Sign Language Training Center in the city till September 30.

The school alumni association held the exhibition. The students of the old design course began the lesson of Kyoto's 100 views from 1982. They studied the basic to make a silk screen in the first year, and finished several works in 2 or 3 years.

The students reportedly went out for place selection, or visited repeatedly some place also during the long vacation.

The exhibition off campus was also opened in 1987 when the "50 Views" completed, and again in 1993 when the "100 Views" were finished. Then, the works were kept in the school.

The Association Director Hagiwara Makiko-san (63) was glad saying, "All the works are the recollections of our high school days, and the alumni members are happy to see the exhibition."

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